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darkofamatinee's Journal

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27th August 2011

3:22am: I think you might have to log in or start a Lucky account and I hate that this is based on votes, not talent, but pleeease, if you can, vote for me! 

25th May 2011

1:04am:  I'm too lazy to figure out LJ pictures all over again, but..
I'm selling these gorgeous Miu Mius!

11th August 2010


One reason why...

oh yeah but...

28th July 2010

11:12am:  Project Runway..or an episode of Dexter?

18th June 2010

12:59am: Annoying Evening...
bad bangs cut, which I sort of expected anyway and mostly fixed

super frustrating technological difficulties

becoming an adult anxiety

doing laundry and forgetting to push the button

accidentally deleting a playlist I was working on

and somehow shrank my favorite and one of the only summer dresses I own.
..I followed wash instructions. WTF?


..I'm really sad about this dress. It was perfect before..perfect summer dress..

Plus side..beach tomorrow!

1st June 2010

9:49pm: “There’s a whole recipe for how to make a Buffy. Take one cup Sarah Connor from the first ‘Terminator’ movie; one cup Ripley [from ‘Alien’]; three tablespoons of the younger sister in ‘Night of the Comet’; a few sprigs of ‘A Little Princess’—the book, not the movies; and a pinch of Jimmy Stewart for pain, because nobody does better pain. Bake those up. Once it’s cool, add a little Rosalind Russell from ‘His Girl Friday.’ All of this must be in a P.J.-Soles-in-Halloween crust. That’s very important.”

—“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon on the formula for his most famous character [EW]

11th February 2010

10:36am: Dizzy Heights in 25 min 11am-1pm CT! http://kvrx.org/listenlive

Possibley my last show.

1st February 2010

7:40pm: We broke up today. =(

Schwartzmans in Austin.

28th January 2010

11:21am: http://kvrx.org/listenlive

11am-1pm CT

Possibly my last show..maybe..

21st January 2010

10:49am: Dizzy Heights back in 10 min!


2nd January 2010

1:54pm: Twee Valley High

I started a blog to organize all the pretty pictures and interesting things that I come across online.


(it's a Smittens song)

23rd December 2009


I'll be home for Christmas tomorrow night!
I miss my mom. <3

Baby Kristina Christmas'Collapse )
2:19am: My Days of Late.


10th December 2009

11:35pm: “It took us so long to realize that a purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”

— Kurt Vonnegut.

6th November 2009

Dizzy Heights in 40 min!


3-5pm CT

5th November 2009

11:11pm: Also:
“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviours.
Keep your behaviours positive, because your behaviours become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.”
— Mahatma Gandhi
7:51pm: Inspiring

“I’m a very brave woman. I’m not going to be scared and no one’s going to judge me.” —Sonya Battla, the first designer to show in this season’s Fashion Pakistan, an event that’s been delayed three weeks due to militant Taliban attacks.

23rd October 2009

2:32pm: KVRX
Dizzy Heights in 30 min!
Fridays 3-5pm CT

16th October 2009

3:08pm: Dizzy Heights riiight now.



9th October 2009

Dizzy Heights in 20 min!


25th September 2009

3:34pm: Dizzy Heights riiight now!!!


10th August 2009

6:17pm: Cute.Cute. Cute.

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